“Before I started Craniosacral work with Jane I had never looked at my life the way I do now. In a certain way, for a long time, I had been really alone. The sessions are an opportunity to have someone mindfully present and truly listening to my body and my person. Jane's considerable experience allows her to be open to frequencies that I cannot experience fully myself. Where there has been lack of connection and grief in the past, there is an opportunity for it to occur and release during a session. My experience is that I am a more dynamic version of myself as sensations and images come to the foreground. With Jane I have had the consistent experience of good company, which I will be able to hold inside myself for the rest of my life.”

Anne - Hackney

“I have had migraines since adolescence and I am now in my forties. Since starting treatment I have noticed a shift in my migraine cycle and in the area that I experience the pain and over two months the migraines have subsided and downgraded to manageable headaches.A problem that I have experienced for over twenty years is now finally going. I also feel more connected and stable after sessions and in a better place to deal with everyday life. This treatment has been a revelation for me”

Graham - Aldgate

“I am a MS sufferer and I find these treatments invaluable. My body feels lighter and my muscles less held in spasm and less tense. I experience energy, calmness and I'm a stronger in spirit and mind. Thank you so much."

Jennifer - Stamford Hill

“Jane uses this subtle healing method to intuitively tune in to my body and mind. I feel the benefits after each session. I totally recommend Jane as a practioner of this highly effective and gentle therapy. And there is an amazing view of the city from her 9th floor apartment - Tower Bridge, the Gherkin, Christchurch Spitalfield etc."

Judith - Columbia Road


Jane is an excellent and gifted Cranio sacral therapist. She has a lovely energy and is very gentle, yet powerfully intuitive with her touch and being. Over three years of regular treatment I have always felt grounded and restored afterwards. I’m not totally sure how, but her treatments really work and are very nourishing.

Anthony Scott - Bethnal Green